Tuesday, December 1, 2009

rabbit rabbit rabbit and rosettes

i can't believe that december is here already! thanksgiving was a blur. it was an epic weekend filled with birthdays, wandering around new york, 5.10.15, atlantic city, lots of food, visiting friends, and very little sleep. there's so much that i'm thankful for from the health of my friends and fam to delicious fruit to thanksgiving, a holiday that bring everyone together and helps remind me how blessed i am. i hope you all had wonderful thanksgivings too :) in all the madness of thanksgiving, i haven't kept up with my fav blogs in days and i've just spent two hours blissfully clicking away. i suppose i should start my day soon... but before that, i wanted to share a recent fascination. paper rosettes! i've been seeing them around wedding design blogs and i think they're perfection. martha stewart featured a wedding here with some written instructions once wed featured this incredible wedding where the bride and her mother handmade everything including all the paper rosettes! i usually prefer softer colors but i'm really loving the bright and bold used here.
photography by kate murphy photo found via once wed
after poking around a bit, i decided to use the tutorial featured on style me pretty.
photography by jackie wonders found via style me pretty
the instructions are super easy to follow. i only made a couple of adjustments here and there for my rosettes. i thought it'd be fun to use vintage sheet music and security envelopes! i used glue dots to secure the ends together which held excellently... but were a little on the chubby side so if you look reeeeal closely, you can see the dot. maybe i should stick to tape (get it? stick to tape? hah! sorry.) i used a hot glue gun to put a large bead of glue on the center of the backside of the rosette to help keep the rosette in shape after smushing it down. the smushing part is the most fun and oh so satisfying. glue made things much easier and a lot more secure. hot glue came in handy when adding the button too. i'd like to take a moment to express how much i love hot glue guns. thank you hot glue guns. finished rosettes on my bookshelf! the security envelope was the perfect thickness for this project. the vintage sheet music turned out so pretty but was nerve wrecking to work with. it was very crumbly and tore when creased too sharply. if i use this paper again, i'll have to make it with more creases. if you're looking to make rosettes with less creases (thus showing off more of the paper design) try using the tutorial from the paper source. they look pretty on gifts too!

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