Wednesday, July 23, 2008


i'm in love with florspace! i dream about her creations. you can tell even just by looking at the pictures that they're quality stuff :) aren't they beautiful?? i've had a thing for darumas since high school. i think they were a part of a project i had to do and they just stuck with me :) i'm hoping to save up so that i can snatch up one of those wallets someday! stop by her etsy shop and you'll fall in love too!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

kawaii matchbox swap

i sent off my kawaii matchbox swap today! sent with a few extras too :) i hope my swap partner likes it... nervous!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008


okay now i'm nervous! i started reading swap bot forums and apparently there are crazies out there who create accounts to STEAL from people! they join a swap and receive stuff but never send something out to their swap partner! and they just keep making new accounts. who DOES THAT?? :( online stuff makes me nervous... but i'm still going to try it out and hopefully won't get screwed over! on to happier things... like teeny mushrooms!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

new addiction

so i've seen a few blogs that mention swapping and all the cute things that they get and finally found out what all that was about. swapbot is a place for people to connect to swap random things... anything from jars filled with misc. cute things to surprise packages filled with a favorite color to postcards to ATCs. i won't lie... i had no idea what an ATC was. ATC stands for "artist trading cards." they're cards the size of playing cards or baseball cards that can be decorated with whatever the artist wants. the backs are dated, signed, and titled and traded with other artists. i decided to give it a try and now i'm itching to collect random ephemera! ebay is suddenly an obsession... :P here are a few test ATC's that i made the other day... they're a little too scrapbook-y in my opinion but it's what i know! i can't wait to experiment some more!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

i love cupcakes!!

Bakerella this is the most beautiful blog in the world! Bakerella is a genius. seriously, look at these bunnies... hysterical! i'm especially liking that little one peaking out from behind his mama. i just spent an embarassing amount of time looking through her blog archives :P this puts me in a baking mood... but it's super hot again in boston and i'm pretty sure that if i turn on the oven the building will melt.