Monday, February 23, 2009


oof was i cranky today >_< maybe it was because i stayed up late to watch the oscars (yay slumdog!!), maybe it's because people who aren't students keep signing up for my programs or maybe my stars are misaligned or something. whatever the reason, by the time i got home i was ready for a good ol rant. after my rant, i ate a ton of pasta... starchy foods make me happy :) you know what else makes me happy? finding pretty things on etsy! i want.
bookplates by turtlepapers it is oddly difficult to find good bookplates and i think these are wonderful! moisturizing grapefruit bergamot body cream by DressGreen my co-worker got some body cream and a shaving bar from DressGreen and loves it. your multitask bag by iragrant in my opinion, this the perfect shape and color :)

Sunday, February 22, 2009

glue on my hands

my seester decided to make her centerpieces for the wedding using a paper flower kit from the paper source that looks pretty similar the anemones in her bouquet. i'm helping her to make the flowers so that we can get 180 or so done by april!!

here's the inspiration for her bouquet from martha stewart's wedding site...

and here are the centerpiece flowers...

they're supposed to be magnolias but we got the idea to use a black bead as the center and i think it looks lovely!

here are all the materials that you need. the kits come with everything but the glue, scissors and beads.

the mini magnolia kits are great because all the petals are pre-cut for you. for the larger magnolias, you need to cut each petal out by hand! pvc glue rocks my world. it dries quickly and gets harder than cement. the only downside is that it gets EVERYWHERE. my fingers get stuck together, i have made serveral glue splotches on the couch and there's a glob on artie's slanket too. getting it on your skin isn't too bad though since it rubs off kind of like rubber cement.

you can find the kit for these flowers and others in different sizes and colors on the paper source website.

Friday, February 20, 2009

beautiful birds

i was clicking around aimlessly and stumbled upon the most beautiful blog i've ever seen!

Geninne's Art Blog

She hand carves the prettiest stamps and has a great tutorial on how you can make them too! i can't wait to give it a try.

you can find prints of her creations on etsy. this one's my favorite :) i like how he's just about to land and he has the teeniest smile. and just look at the colors! her blog is bursting with color, nature and fresh air. oh and i'm crazy jealous of her studio and work area.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

sick in bed

argh! flu! i wasn't feeling so great last night and when i woke up this morning i could barely move. i eventually had to drag myself out of bed to do a couple of presentations for work. i felt so bad for the students who had to listen to me gasping and sniffling my way through the orientation. but like most student groups, they were pretty cool and laughed when at the end i apologized for being so disgusting. i came home early and settled into the couch with tea and lots of blankets and pillows. artie brought me puffs with lotion and vicks vapo rub in it! that stuff is amazing. everytime i blow my nose, my sinuses clear and my poor red nose gets moisturized. better than cold medicine. so since i'm sick in bed trying not to move, my waking hours have been spent exploring the little things. this lovely blog features everything from printable valentines to party themes ideas. here's one of my favs. it remindes me of my seester :)

Friday, February 6, 2009

oh if only i could go to hogwarts ...

but i can at least pretend that i do! i'm in love with everything that celestefrittata makes. it doesn't get much cooler than this :)

Owl Post Stationery

Spells and Charms - Magical Journal

visit her etsy here and her blog here!