Tuesday, April 28, 2009


i was flipping through my favorite etsy shops when i came upon leesiebella's shop sugar*sugar. i had forgotten how beautiful her shop was! it makes me think of ice cream and cotton candy and all sorts of lovely sugary goodness.

Cream Mint Fancy Ruffled Ribbon is it greedy of me to want one of everything? i don't know how she does it but everything looks perfect together. she has such a great eye! i mean look at this banner that she made... have you ever seen anything like it before?! sorry for all the exclamation marks (point? mark? gosh my 1st grade teacher would be horrified. which is it?!) i'm just really excited :) if i ever attempted anything like this it would end up a hot mess. stop by her blog and join in on the "ooh"ing and "ahh"ing. photos from http://leesiebella.typepad.com/ and sugar*sugar

Sunday, April 26, 2009

dim sum set

a dim sum set is in the shop! this set lets you have one of each item (just like at a real dim sum.) someone requested this as a special order awhile back and i liked the set so much that i made another one. enjoy! :)

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

three cups of tea

i'm not sure why but i avoided this book for awhile. the topic was interesting but i couldn't get myself to commit to it. my sister let me borrow it and after several months, i finally started reading it... then i couldn't put it down. i was walking through the airport with it in front of my face trying to read it without crashing into anyone/thing. it really is that good. all the hype surround it. totally justified. the only people in this book who are more incredible than greg mortenson are the people of pakistan who guide his efforts and help him to understand the country that he's devoted himself to. it's inspiring. if we all cared as much as him, the world would be a very different place. the only bad thing about this book... it leaves you wishing that there were more gregs wandering this earth wondering who he can help next.

Saturday, April 18, 2009


last week, on my way to the train, i had a pleasant surprise... daffodils!

they were growing in clusters like this all over the path along the pond. and some of them were bursting out in odd locations like in the middle of a patch of reeds. this was my first time seeing daffadils growing in the wild outside of someone's garden. it's a lovely way to start my morning :)

planetjune has a great pattern for crocheted daffodils posted on her blog. and for a donation (any size!) she'll send you the pdf version.

wouldn't it be nice to "grow" a bunch of these in your living room? and they'll last forever!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

oh la la feathers!

lately, i've really been drawn to feathers. especially feather & flower hair ornaments. like these from forever21
these are super affordable but what fun is buying them when you can make them? the martha stewart crafts blog did a great little piece about handmade feather headbands that got me itching to go out and buy some feathers. i especially loved this one.

i wish i could wear these everyday but i dress like a bum to work and it might look a little odd with jeans, tshirt with a guitar growing a tree and pumas :) so i guess i'll just have to make some gifts for my girls. hope you like feathers as much as i do!

tah dah!

finally! joody asked me ages ago to make her a sackboy and he's finally done! he sat around finished for months just waiting for his zipper. i couldn't figure out how to make it. i was going to make a felt zipper... or a clay zipper... but in the end a real zipper that's been trimmed worked the best! it was a lot easier to cut than i thought. he's cuter in person... he's actually not that photogenic. but joody likes him so hooray!

Friday, April 10, 2009

paper parasols

okay last one! my cousin and i got the idea to surprise my sister with paper parasols for the bridal party. we thought it would make for some cute pictures :) we got white parasols for the bridesmaids and a pink one for the bride and a tiny matching pink one for the flower girl. luna bazaar had the best selection and great prices by far. and they're a favorite of martha stewart so you know it's got to be good. the woman who helped me with my order was so helpful and they shipped it out in record time! the girls loved the parasols. the only bummer was that we never got any pictures of the bride and the flower girl with their parasols! things got kind of crazy and it totally slipped my mind. bummer. they also have a huge selection of lanterns and i had to remind myself over and over again that i really don't need any. but they're so bright and colorful! i want to host an outdoor party and hang tiny ones from trees like little birds' nests

the wedding party :)

if you have time, you could paint a design on the parasols to personalize them. i thought a monogram would nice but i figured now was not the time to experiment with my non-existent painting skills.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009


time for another featured etsy seller! butterfly enchantress is another etsy seller that played a part in making my sister a princess on the day of her wedding. her vintage inspired creations are so romantic. my sister used these for her hair...

Crystal Rhinestone Creamy Ivory Flower Bridal Hair Pins

they definitely fit my sister's personality... cute and lovely! i also love these. they're so goddess-like.

Vintage-Inspired Orihime Pearl Crystal Leaf Vine Hair Combs

Monday, April 6, 2009


my seester's married!! it was such a wonderful wedding but it went by so quickly! my sister and her new husband are so happy... and so many people helped to make this weekend amazing. over the next couple of days, i want to share a few people who contributed to the big day.

my sister wore pearl earrings, a necklace and bracelet made by BGBJewelry. not only were all the pieces incredibly gorgeous (and wonderfully affordable!) but BGBJewelry was so kind and just an all around sweet person. you have no idea how many people were super rude to my sister during the whole wedding planning process. these are from her bridal collection. aren't they pretty? :)

Veronica Necklace

Nadia Earrings

Spring Garden No.5

stop by her etsy for a peek!