Wednesday, July 28, 2010

shop love: purl soho

on our last trip to new york, we went shopping in soho and i took the opportunity to sneak off and visit purl soho.  it had been on my list of things to do in new york for awhile and i really wanted to see their shiny new shop.  i stepped in and instantly discovered my happy place.  i wanted to cuddle up in one of their shelves and live there forever like a little elf.  can't make it out to new york?  lucky you, they have an online shop as well  once you have your pretty supplies, visit their blog, the purl bee, for inspiration.

Monday, July 26, 2010


i was kind of bummed about turning 27 but then i realized that i was being bratty and that each year is a blessing and i should look forward to turning one year older because that means i have had yet another lovely year with friends and family.  though this year's birthday slipped by quietly and i wasn't much in the mood to celebrate, i'm grateful for the little things that made it memorable.  artie took me out to one of my fav mexican restaurants, my co-workers treated me to some phenomenal pad thai, and my sister sent me one of best birthday gifts ever.

this cutie is the fujifilm instax mini 25.  it's an instant camera that takes credit card sized photos.  i was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the photos taken both with natural lighting and flash.  and there's a tiny mirror in front to help you take perfectly centered self shot photos.  the little extra lens fits onto the camera's lens like a cap and enables you to take close up photos.  i nearly fell out of my chair when i opened the box and saw this little guy.  i immediately texted my sister asking how she knew that i had been wanting this camera for ages.  turns out, she didn't know but saw it and thought that i would love it... how awesome is my sister?  <3  thanks uhnee!  and now, off to take tiny photos and think of new things to do with my instax mini.

Friday, July 23, 2010

a & b

hello friends.  sorry it's been awhile.  this blog is where i share things that make me happy but the past month hasn't really left me with much to share.  about a month ago, we lost the twins.  my sister went into premature labor at about 20 weeks and it was simply too early.  the loss of my niece and nephew has been the most difficult thing i have ever had to face.  it's incredible how much you can love two teeny people that you've never met.  no one saw this coming and til the very end, we prayed and hoped with all our hearts.  my sister is a warrior.  i am proud of and amazed by her strength.  i am thankful that my sister is safe and healthy because she is more important to me than anything else.  i love my sister, i love my brother in law, and i love twin a & b.