Wednesday, August 6, 2008


i started reading the twilight saga by stephanie meyer and now i'm hooked!!! i finished the first two books in three days. my dearest jenny was visiting boston this past weekend and all plans for the weekend were lost when we picked up these books. now i'm waiting for amazon to deliver the next two books and i could cry because they won't be here for about a week! and the movie is coming out in december! woohoo!!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

bundrops (get it??)

my beloved cousin had a request for some bunnie gumdrop/mochi balls for her little niece.
rainbow bunnies! i called them bunnie balls at first but then that kind of weirded me out... so artie suggested "bundrops." hahah! get it? :) my cousin is an artist so i thought that her niece deserved bunnies in the proper ROYGBIV colors :) they have teeny tails!! i hope enki likes them :)
i'm going to have to take a little hiatus from crocheting too much... the fingers on my right hand were stiff the other day and it really freaked me out! i do stretches and what not but i guess they just need a little break. it should give me a chance to do some scrapbooking. my goal was to finish scrapbooking last year's asia trip, vegas, LA, chicago, and my friend's wedding before the end of the the summer... so far... i've finished vegas -_-'' which isn't even that big of a deal because it was the smallest album. i'm going to miss crafting like a maniac... i've taken a year off from working and now that i'll be working again i won't be able to craft all day long! which is sad because if possible i'm getting even more into it! i'm starting to discover all these new crafts and it's hard to not go wild :) luckily, it's supposed to rain all week so i'll have a good reason to stay inside with yarn and pretty papers.