Thursday, November 20, 2008

twilight madness

the twilight movie comes out tomorrow! i can't wait to see it :) the reviews have been a bit mixed... they said that fans of the series will be satisfied but it won't be anything life changing. and from what i can see, the special effects look kind of cheesy. but that doesn't keep me from dropping whatever i'm doing whenever a trailer comes on tv! i think i'm going to wait to watch it with some friends in chicago when i head home for thanksgiving. til then... twilight atcs!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008


yay! someone featured me in their etsy treasury! if you haven't already played with the treasury feature on etsy, do so right now! it's so addictive and etsyers always surprise me with their creativity and style. i'm uber flattered that DrunkenDolly featured my Toki the Snow Bunny in her pretty Walking in a Winter Wonderland treasury. thanks DrunkenDolly! :)

Sunday, November 16, 2008

argh! flaked!

i was flaked on swap-bot! :( what a bummer. i'm still hoping that a package will pop up in my mailbox someday since the swapper until recently had a great track record and she's trying to make things right with all her missing swaps. okay happy thoughts! some of my favorite recent swaps. clockwise from top left: 1. cupcake ATC from hag53, 2. private ATC/matchbox swap with inoteboom, 3. private ATC swap with shandapanda, 4. handmade cupcake swap from boatingbelle i don't think i'll be doing any swaps until after the holidays. i missed the sign-up deadlines on all the ones that i wanted to do! which probably is a good thing since i don't have too much free time these days. i was hoping to stock up the shop with all sorts of fun things before november but september and october just flew by before i could catch my breath and here we are! i need to sit back and make an effort to enjoy each day instead of running through them.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

catching up

ahhh finally had a weekend to just sit and melt into the couch. i haven't had much time to crochet these days but i was able to finish a special order and make a special edition toki for the shop! meet Toki the Snow Bunny! i found this great sparkly wool/acrylic blend yarn that i immediately knew would be perfect for a snowbunny. then i found the cutest snowflake buttons and it was a done deal. i love her so much that it was a struggle putting her up in the shop. i hope whoever adopts her will take good care of her! these kitties were a special etsy order :) i hope she likes them!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

changes everywhere!

no one does fall like new england...

we went to walden pond last weekend to enjoy the perfect weather and to catch the last bit of this year's foliage. believe it or not, these pictures don't quite capture the beauty of walden pond! i could sit there all day... thoreau definitely had the right idea living in these woods.

it's an exciting night :) i'm glued to cnn right now. they're showing the party at grant park and it's making me so homesick! i voted this evening and didn't even have to wait! yay! but i didn't get a sticker which i'm really bummed about. i'm so excited to see what happens... and a little nervous. these next four years are going to be wild.