Thursday, September 22, 2011

a little hat for little miss d.

last post before i disappear for a bit :)

mrs. pk had her baby girl! she's so gorgeous and i can't wait to meet her. mrs. pk and little miss. d live in cali where the weather is pretty warm but i thought a little hat would come in handy for those chilly nights. and i firmly believe that babies and little children should always have animal ears or tails on their clothing. 

i used a pattern by innerchildcrochet as a starting point and changed things here and there to suit my yarn and added ears. the yarn i used is baby's first by lion brand. it was my first time crocheting with it and i'm in love. it's a cotton acrylic blend and instead of the usual 4ply, it looks like it's made up of several strands twisted together which i thought was fascinating. it's so soft and cuddly i just want to snuggle with it and take a nap. it's very plush and holds its shape well. it would make lovely, warm blankets too! mm... new project!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

beautiful, last days of summer

RT and i are getting married in 10 days (10 DAYS!) so of course things have been super crazy around here. i'm crafting 24/7 in preparation for the wedding and i can't wait to share everything with you!! and i started a new job. whew... busy summer! but in the final, lingering days of summer, there have been some lovely days. life is truly beautiful :)

top to bottom: exploring new england; a visit to the boston harbor islands; our friends' sweet, floppy, warm, chubby-foot puppy; picking korean pears at evergreen farm; fresh dak dori tang made with organic chicken at evergreen farm... amazing!!; BBQ in NH smores? yes please; remembering 9/11 at the boston public garden.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

life is what we make it

from this

to this

back in may, i went on a girls trip to palm springs and LA. we stayed at a beautiful resort and noticed this mat in the elevator. one of the girls snapped a photo of it with our toes in the shot and it's one of our favorite photos from the weekend. 

i stumbled upon an online tool at that turns words into cross stitch patterns and thought i'd test it out. you choose your font, type in your phrase and voila! instant pattern. the font i used for the quote above is dublin. i had to make a few changes here and there to make the letters join together a bit more smoothly but other than that, it's really a great tool and incredibly easy to use. i'll definitely be using it often! try it out here: cross stitch writing tool.

p.s. happy birthday miss j.j.s <3