Friday, October 29, 2010

hello! lucky + chicago

everyone knows that hello! lucky is amazing. i adore everything that they do but their "visit chicago" design makes me extra giddy.

i love how whimsical it is! and it has a vintage but modern feel to it which i'm really loving these days. i'm crossing my fingers that they'll add a "visit chicago" template to the hello! lucky wedding website templates offered at hello! lucky also has designs for london, LA, new york, san fran, paris, las vegas, and london.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

photo toys

take vintage photobooth photos.  the lady speaks to you in french  :)

super easy and so many options

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

color tags

as you probably already know, i love color! so i'm having a real tough time picking out a color palette for our wedding. i know that i want pale blue but what shade of pale blue and with what other colors? to help the process along, i took a trip to my local hardware store and came back with a stack of paint chips.

i used a tag shaped paper punch to cut out the paint chips

ran them through my xyron with repositionable adhesive

adhered the tags to my wedding inspiration notebook

now i can carry my potential color combinations with me wherever i go. since they're respositionable, i can rearrange them and stick them to other items to help me envision all the details of our wedding  :)

Friday, October 8, 2010

friday 5: mementos

a friend of mine does this great thing on her blog called friday 5. each friday, five questions are posted by friday 5 and bloggers are encouraged to share their answers on their blogs in hopes that people will "put something down that might help them understand themselves better, or at least make it to tomorrow". lovely! let's go  :)

1.  Do you still have your senior yearbook? Where is it?
of course! it's at my parents' place back home. when i flip through it, i barely look at the photos. i read through the messages that people left. my girlfriends (still my best friends) would fill an entire page with memories from the year. K.I.T.!

2.  What souvenir did you bring back from your last trip?
a mini chichen itza. i also brought back some sand and seashells in tiny, empty honey jars. this probably goes against customs laws but i'm going to start collecting sand from every beach i go to.

3.  What visible signs are there of your most recent injury?
the other day, i was making blueberry muffins and accidentally touched the 400 degree oven with my pinkie. the blister went away quickly and now there's a little smooth scar.

4.  What’s the neatest wedding favor you’ve ever seen?
i went to a wedding this summer where everyone received a giant full-sized bottle of whiskey. i don't drink but i'll always remember that one. for my sister's wedding, our cousin made about 500 tasty truffles and put them into little boxes with ribbon. sadly, i never got to taste them :(

5.  What do you do with playbills and movie-ticket stubs?
i save everything. i'm obsessed with keeping little bits of paper. playbills usually end up in a bin under my bed and movie ticket stubs now go in my journal with a note about what i thought of the movie. old movie ticket stubs are squirreled away in random places. i really should keep them all in one place and figure out a way to keep them from fading.

happy friday!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

little pumpkins

 nothing groundbreaking... just a few pumpkins  :)

*when i uploaded these photos to blogger, the colors were drained! any thoughts on why this happens?

Friday, October 1, 2010