Monday, November 23, 2009

reading list

one good thing about being knocked out with the flu for weeks (WEEKS!) is that you get in some quality reading time. i thought i'd share my current reading list in case you were in search of a good read :)
the shadow of the wind by carlos ruiz zafron this had been on my "to read" list for a long time. once i got about half way through, i couldn't put it down. is it weird that i like books about books? it's a bit on the dark side but that made it perfect for a sick day wrapped up on the couch with a cup of tea. the mysterious benedict society and the prisoners dilemma by trenton lee stewart if you haven't read the first two mysterious benedict society books yet, get those then read this one. i think this is the best series out there for young people right now. no vampires, no gothic tortured romance, no crazy fantasy... just a group of kids who are thrown into crazy adventures and they learn meaningful life lessons along the way. oh and it's hilarious. moocho brazos! i've passed this series along to several people now and they've all loved them. the absolutely true diary of a part-time indian by sherman alexie i borrowed this one from the library then bought it the next day. i loved it that much. i couldn't stop laughing (the sketches and doodles are too perfect) then i'd turn the page and start sobbing. and it provided insight into life on a reservation (something i know squat about). the forgotten garden by kate morton this had a LONG wait at the library. i just got it and haven't cracked it open yet but dang am i excited! little house series by laura ingalls wilder this series (along with harry potter) are my all time favorite books. i have yet to get bored of them which is incredible considering how many times i've read them. the first set that my sister and i had crumbled to pieces after many reads lying on the floor with popcorn and apples. the best parts of the books are the food descriptions, especially the holiday meals!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

chic for cheap

creature comforts is lovely for oh so many reasons. sometimes i just like to visit there to swim in the pretty colors. but my favorite are her "chic for cheap"s. my wardrobe consists of jeans, tshirts, and a pair of beaten up pumas. "dressing up" is putting on something other than my pumas. my last job was cool with the jeans and tshirt thing so that only encouraged my bummy tendencies. if my next job requires business casual i'm in deep trouble. i'll say it, i'm boring and unfashionable and maybe even frumpy. i know it hurts the eyes of my trendy friends. sorry friends! Ez (pronounced Ee-zee) puts together the cutest, most comfy looking outfits and they're all for reasonable human budgets. it's fun to see how a piece of art or even a photo of a room can be translated into an outfit that i'd actually wear (have you seen what's in magazines these days?!) the one i put below is one of my favs (click the image to go straight to the actual post) please keep them coming Ez!

pst! Ez also shared where you can put together fancy shmancy fashion design boards just like hers.
visit polyvore and let the fun begin!

Friday, November 6, 2009

envelopes and chip bags

playing with the patterns in security envelopes! i started using clothespins to close chip bags, baby carrot packages, pretty much everything in my kitchen. i got the tip from my old bc buddy miss k. pants. no more disintegrating rubber bands, scotch/packaging tape, paper clips to keep my food bags shut! it also looks a lot cuter especially when you dress them up. happy weekend! :)

Wednesday, November 4, 2009


i have a mouse. it's a cute mouse but it's a stranger mouse. while we were relaxing after dinner, i heard a noise in the kitchen. i peaked in to see a tiny mouse helping itself to a mushroom bit that was in the frying pan which i had left on the stove. not cool. see, my problem is that i like furry little things. i visit cuteoverload probably four times a day (oh shush you probably do it too). so i feel bad killing this mouse with a glue trap the size of a loaf of bread. if he could just sanitize himself before entering my apartment, i'd be fine with him visiting. unfortunately, i don't think mice carry purell with them. and what if he's a friend of waukegans?! how traumatizing would that be for her? although right now she doesn't seem too concerned... she's thundering around the apartment like a rhino looking for some more cords to chew.

photo from the house of mouse. anna makes the funniest little mice in the world.

even worse... what if he's a ron weasley mouse? then what would harry and hermione do without him?? i think i've lost it.