Thursday, February 25, 2010

rainy cloudy week

it's been uber gloomy this week but i don't mind too much. i realized yesterday that i enjoy walking in the rain. maybe it has something to do with my new rain boots (rain boots = dry toes and pants) or my polka dot umbrella. or maybe it's because the air felt refreshing or since i was one of only five people out and about, it was an especially peaceful walk. the wind is picking up now and it's bringing a great breeze into the apartment. could it be that spring is on its way?

Monday, February 22, 2010

kappa pattern in shop!

kappa pattern is now up for sale in the shop!  i have been wanting to make some of my patterns available for sale for awhile now but the thought of making my scribbles into patterns that other people could actually read was just too daunting.  thankfully, i finally got my act together and here he is!  he's fairly easy to make if you're familiar with basic crochet techniques and working in rounds.  give it a try  :)

Saturday, February 20, 2010

the journal project

every once in awhile (especially during winter months) i start to feel that all the days are the same.  nothing interesting happens and they all blur together into one giant lethargic blob.  so i started a journal project.  i was inspired by my friend jbsarmie who lives in japan.  he started a facebook album where he takes a photo a day of something interesting.  in this way, he documents his life in japan and shares his day with his friends and fam back in the states.  i loved the idea and thought it would be a perfect project for the winter.  i decided not to limit myself to photos but thought that it would be a great way to gather fun scraps of paper and other random bits.  my goal is to find something beautiful and meaningful in each day.  it has spelling errors, cross outs, and some strangely proportioned doodles that are supposed to be of me but that's okay because it's supposed to be imperfect.  there are no rules (thank goodness because sometimes i forget to write in it for a day or two) and i want it to be as natural and organic and possible.  won't you join me and start your own journal project?  :)


Tuesday, February 16, 2010

reading list

just a few books that are currently in my reading pile

adam lowry & eric ryan
i'm so in love with this book.  fun to read and very eye opening.  it's full of useful information and practical advice.  a great resource that should be a part of your library!

greg mortenson
remember three cups of tea?  stones into schools is a sequel of sorts told through the voice of none other than greg mortenson himself. 

carley roney
a beautiful introduction for those of us that love pretty spaces but don't know how to start building one.  i love their style!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

happy valentines day and gong xi fa cai

i hope you all have a wonderful valentine's day and a very happy lunar new year.

heart made from a pattern by julie-k

Thursday, February 11, 2010


i'm featured in a treasury!  thanks so much to keikeaux for including my links the piglet.  i'm always flattered to be included in a treasury especially one with such great artists.  thanks again keikeaux!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

things that make me happy

a round up of a few things that make me smile

shortbread buttons found via simplesong

a flickr gallery of old and new

orzo with roasted vegetables - made this for a wii party, so easy, so yummy.

creative work spaces gathered by oh, hello friend.  pretty spaces grow pretty ideas.

perfect packaging from garnish.


happy weekend  :)

Thursday, February 4, 2010

canvas + string + felt

finally!  remember when i mentioned that i needed something to replace my constantly crooked picture frames?  well i went batty looking for the perfect fabric that fit in my price range and had to give up for awhile.  but then i saw this over at decor8.  what caught my eye wasn't the chevron art but this!

photo from decor8 by jess from makeunder my life

these were made by jess from makeunder my life and i thought they'd be perfect for my sad wall.  i bought a couple of cheap canvases and paint since i thought this would be a good way to add some color to my living room.

tah dah!  i really like how the cream string and leaves stand out against the wine colored canvas.  i used a hemp-like string meant for jewelry making that i thought would look great because of its raw texture.  the leaves were cut from good ol acrylic felt.  in total, the project cost me about $10.  once i hung them over my couch, i realized that they were a little small for the space so i hung them horizontally to make them look bigger.  but i think they would look great in a set of three hung vertically.  i love painting a clean white canvas in a solid dark color.  there's something so satisfying and slightly sinister about it  :)  thanks jess for the inspiration!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010


there are some beautiful e-magazines popping up on the internet these days.  the content is top notch but i wish these were available in print!  though i'm fascinated by all the information on the internet, it's really hard for me to focus on computer screens.  i love paper.  i love the feel of it, i love collecting it, i love that it's permanent and ephemeral at the same time.  i understand the advantages of an online magazine but i also like curling up with a magazine on a couch and they're my entertainment of choice on a flight.  after a day of staring at my computer screen, it's nice to spend some time away from it.  but these e-magazines are so good that i'm drawn in like a mosquito to one of those blue zapper things.

 lonny - i think it stands for "london/ny"  it started right when the design magazine domino closed its doors.  this magazine makes me want to rent ten apartments and decorate them over and over again.


utterly engaged - i think this was the first wedding e-magazine to come out.  i love their articles!  lots of DIY, eco-friendly tips, and real weddings.  their current issue features beautiful photographs that highlight "moments we live for, and moment we can all cherish."  i think this one is my fav  :)


nonpareil - hot off the press!  i've been waiting anxiously for this DIY wedding magazine to release their first issue.  with contributors like erin vale and twig&thistle, you know it's going to be fantastic!
*edit - i forgot to mention that nonpareil is the brainchild of maddy from the inspired bride and kristen paper crave!  seriously, it's an all star cast.

Monday, February 1, 2010

100th sale

the toki cafe has reach 100 sales!  whew.  i was at 99 for what seemed like forever just waiting for the big 1-0-0.  hooray!  i'm so thankful for the support and encouragement that i've received to keep my little shop running.  i know i'm a terrible shopkeeper (i disappear for weeks, i stock the shop just whenever i feel like it, etc.) but i'll try to be better!  thanks again everyone  :)

p.s. all orders between now and valentines day will receive a little hand sewn felt heart as a thank you!