Monday, March 23, 2009


it's kind of spring? officially it's spring. but it was 30 degrees today... it snowed over the weekend and it'll be 50 tomorrow? i don't know i can't keep up! but just because it's kind of really not spring outside doesn't mean it can't be spring inside :) springy packaging spring birdie bring on the spring!!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

books and stickers

blick has a 30% off coupon going on so i've been stopping by every few days splurging on toys for myself :) i think i actually did a double take when i passed these by... i collected stickers when i was little but i had the hardest time using them because i wanted to save them. i don't know how i'm ever going to get myself to use these because they're just so pretty! there are over 1oo labels in the box so it was a sweet deal. and they're all good sized lables too with some that take up a full sheet. it turns out that "sukie" is part of chronicle books, my favorite publishing company!! they make the cutest cookbooks and craft books. i have this one:
$16.95 Chronicle website i know you're not supposed to judge a book by it's cover... but i do! if i'm adding a book to my collection, i have to think that it's beautiful. for example, i hate books that turn into movies and then the only copies of the book that you can find are the ones that have the movie poster as the cover. *thumbs down* anyways. the cupcake ideas are great. i don't think that the core cupcake recipe is my favorite but you can replace it with your favorite cupcake batter since most recipes start with a basic cupcake batter then incorporate add-ins. i loved the marble fudge cupcakes.. mmmm... i also recently got this one but i haven't tried any of the recipes yet: $22.95 Chronicle website looks promising though! they also do craft books and kits. i've been eyeing this one forever: $24.95 Chronicle website and i don't drink wine (thus i know squat about it) but this makes me want to give everyone a bottle. $14.95 Chronicle website the weekend is almost over... :( enjoy your sunday!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

bridal shower

my sister's bridal shower was last weekend! she had fun and that was the only thing that really mattered to me so... SUCCESS! well and of course i'm glad that everyone else had fun too (hopefully) and that they went home with full happy tummies. we had some issues with mother nature... she decided that that afternoon would be a lovely time for a flash flood. miss c's mom's car got stuck in a puddle (actually closer to a pond) and had to get towed out! this puddle (pond) had a small whirlpool in it... bad news. luckily, other than that, everyone got there safe and sound!

my cousin is wonder woman. she baked the most incredible dessert spread and made the favors for the shower.

photos courtesy of my beloved cousin :)

isn't is beautiful?! we didn't get to cut into the bunny cake because no one had the heart to. well my cousin did but my sister wouldn't let her and took it home in hopes of discovering a method to permanently preserve it. the cookie cakes were the favors and everyone was stunned by how perfect they were (just like every other morsel of baked deliciousness!)

thanks everyone for coming out!
happy shower uhnee!!

*side note: i miss nice midwest people. when i was waiting for miss m to pull up her car so that i could hop in, a man saw me staring out in the rain and offered me his umbrella. so sweet and unheard of in the northeast!*

Thursday, March 12, 2009

i heart paper

i love paper. a lot. so when i saw paper crave, it was love at first sight. it's such a great collection of everything paper from wrapping to rubber stamping to invitations. and with three years of archives to click through, it looks like i'll be busy for awhile!

Thursday, March 5, 2009


i've been meaning to change the thank you card that i include with my etsy orders. the wording was all awkward and i wanted something a little prettier. so i came up with these... simple but not boring :) takes up less paper and they're fun to make! and they look nice taped to the package. whee!