Sunday, March 23, 2008

special order!

i love special requests :) these gumdrops were made for lianne, my first customer :D her sorority class is called the "gamma gumdrops" and for their anniversary, she asked me to make her sisters into gumdrops! each one was made in each girl's favorite color with their numbers on their backs. their sorority color is purple so i put a little purple flower on them to make them extra pretty :) the pictures are terrible but they're actually really cute!! mr & mrs goat! my beloved cousin heather asked me to turn her and her husband, scott, into little ami's. scott has orange hair and a goatee and heather loves bunnies and pink. i seriously couldn't stop laughing when i finished mr goat. his little goatee is just too funny!! i hope heather will like them ^_^

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