Sunday, November 16, 2008

argh! flaked!

i was flaked on swap-bot! :( what a bummer. i'm still hoping that a package will pop up in my mailbox someday since the swapper until recently had a great track record and she's trying to make things right with all her missing swaps. okay happy thoughts! some of my favorite recent swaps. clockwise from top left: 1. cupcake ATC from hag53, 2. private ATC/matchbox swap with inoteboom, 3. private ATC swap with shandapanda, 4. handmade cupcake swap from boatingbelle i don't think i'll be doing any swaps until after the holidays. i missed the sign-up deadlines on all the ones that i wanted to do! which probably is a good thing since i don't have too much free time these days. i was hoping to stock up the shop with all sorts of fun things before november but september and october just flew by before i could catch my breath and here we are! i need to sit back and make an effort to enjoy each day instead of running through them.

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