Monday, February 23, 2009


oof was i cranky today >_< maybe it was because i stayed up late to watch the oscars (yay slumdog!!), maybe it's because people who aren't students keep signing up for my programs or maybe my stars are misaligned or something. whatever the reason, by the time i got home i was ready for a good ol rant. after my rant, i ate a ton of pasta... starchy foods make me happy :) you know what else makes me happy? finding pretty things on etsy! i want.
bookplates by turtlepapers it is oddly difficult to find good bookplates and i think these are wonderful! moisturizing grapefruit bergamot body cream by DressGreen my co-worker got some body cream and a shaving bar from DressGreen and loves it. your multitask bag by iragrant in my opinion, this the perfect shape and color :)

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