Sunday, March 15, 2009

books and stickers

blick has a 30% off coupon going on so i've been stopping by every few days splurging on toys for myself :) i think i actually did a double take when i passed these by... i collected stickers when i was little but i had the hardest time using them because i wanted to save them. i don't know how i'm ever going to get myself to use these because they're just so pretty! there are over 1oo labels in the box so it was a sweet deal. and they're all good sized lables too with some that take up a full sheet. it turns out that "sukie" is part of chronicle books, my favorite publishing company!! they make the cutest cookbooks and craft books. i have this one:
$16.95 Chronicle website i know you're not supposed to judge a book by it's cover... but i do! if i'm adding a book to my collection, i have to think that it's beautiful. for example, i hate books that turn into movies and then the only copies of the book that you can find are the ones that have the movie poster as the cover. *thumbs down* anyways. the cupcake ideas are great. i don't think that the core cupcake recipe is my favorite but you can replace it with your favorite cupcake batter since most recipes start with a basic cupcake batter then incorporate add-ins. i loved the marble fudge cupcakes.. mmmm... i also recently got this one but i haven't tried any of the recipes yet: $22.95 Chronicle website looks promising though! they also do craft books and kits. i've been eyeing this one forever: $24.95 Chronicle website and i don't drink wine (thus i know squat about it) but this makes me want to give everyone a bottle. $14.95 Chronicle website the weekend is almost over... :( enjoy your sunday!

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  1. i always look at that cupcake book when i go to the bookstore! and i hate movie cover books. i always try to go on amazon and find the original. i'm so glad we think alike. most of the time. wait til you see my black crinoline!!