Friday, April 10, 2009

paper parasols

okay last one! my cousin and i got the idea to surprise my sister with paper parasols for the bridal party. we thought it would make for some cute pictures :) we got white parasols for the bridesmaids and a pink one for the bride and a tiny matching pink one for the flower girl. luna bazaar had the best selection and great prices by far. and they're a favorite of martha stewart so you know it's got to be good. the woman who helped me with my order was so helpful and they shipped it out in record time! the girls loved the parasols. the only bummer was that we never got any pictures of the bride and the flower girl with their parasols! things got kind of crazy and it totally slipped my mind. bummer. they also have a huge selection of lanterns and i had to remind myself over and over again that i really don't need any. but they're so bright and colorful! i want to host an outdoor party and hang tiny ones from trees like little birds' nests

the wedding party :)

if you have time, you could paint a design on the parasols to personalize them. i thought a monogram would nice but i figured now was not the time to experiment with my non-existent painting skills.

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  1. i loved the parasols! but did anyone take them home? i saw a bunch of them at my in-laws house. and i've always wanted to buy those lanterns too!