Tuesday, August 4, 2009


playing with picnik some more :) these are from my trip to taiwan last winter. it's so hard to choose only a handful of pictures to sum up a two week trip. kind of clockwise starting from the top left: 1. beaches of kenting... one of the happiest days of my life. 2. the sun rising over taipei as seen from our hotel room. 3. the taiwanese flag. 4. cedar trees in ailshan. 5. taroko gorge... it was like falling into an old chinese landscape painting. 6. a HELLO KITTY ferris wheel. 7. another shot of kenting. 8. chiang kai shek memorial. i feel like taiwan doesn't get as much love as other asian countries when it comes to tourism. but there's so much to SEE and EAT! you're simply bombarded with food. unfortunately, i don't eat seafood or pork (a travesty to any asian) so i ate a ton of cabbage which i now will admit is a lot tastier in taiwan. it's sweeter. and i can't get enough of chinese watercress, a vegetable (it's name is literally "a vegetable"), and pretty much any other green thing. everywhere you turn there's food... regardless of where in taiwan you are standing, you will never say "geeze there's nowhere to eat around here." and the scenery... beaches, mountains, city skylines... it's got it all. i'm hungry... can i get some beef noodle soup?

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