Saturday, September 5, 2009

von leben schnauzers

it took me over a year to finish the von leben schnauzers! i would get started, get hookers block, put it aside, pick it up again weeks later... repeat that several times over. but finally i just sat myself down and forced my hooks to move. the result... hee hee :) i think the hardest part was showing that they're fluffy. mini schnauzers are very very ... hairy and floofy. i didn't want to use furry yarn because my stitches become very erratic with fancy yarns. i just can't see where the loops are! but i did use a wonderfully fluffy yarn for their bushy eyebrows and chest hair. red heart baby clouds yarn has a great texture but it shreds really easily. i can't imagine crocheting an entire piece with it. but hooray they're completed and shipped off to my dearest cousin! hope she likes them :)

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