Wednesday, November 4, 2009


i have a mouse. it's a cute mouse but it's a stranger mouse. while we were relaxing after dinner, i heard a noise in the kitchen. i peaked in to see a tiny mouse helping itself to a mushroom bit that was in the frying pan which i had left on the stove. not cool. see, my problem is that i like furry little things. i visit cuteoverload probably four times a day (oh shush you probably do it too). so i feel bad killing this mouse with a glue trap the size of a loaf of bread. if he could just sanitize himself before entering my apartment, i'd be fine with him visiting. unfortunately, i don't think mice carry purell with them. and what if he's a friend of waukegans?! how traumatizing would that be for her? although right now she doesn't seem too concerned... she's thundering around the apartment like a rhino looking for some more cords to chew.

photo from the house of mouse. anna makes the funniest little mice in the world.

even worse... what if he's a ron weasley mouse? then what would harry and hermione do without him?? i think i've lost it.

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