Monday, January 4, 2010

my first blog award :)

woooo! i've been given a blog award! the ultra sweet jenny from jennylovesbenny passed this award on to me and i'm honored and thrilled :) she actually nominated me a little while back but i wanted to wait until after the madness of the holidays to nominate my fav blogs. if you haven't met jenny yet, she makes the prettiest teddy bears that blow my mind because i had no idea that people made plush toys like these by hand!
images from jennylovesbenny etsy
that little bunny is so cute i want to cry. which is why i'm so happy that she passed the award on to me!
So here are the rules for accepting the award:
(1) Thank the person giving the awards (2) Copy awards to your blog (3) Place a link to their blog (4) Name 7 things people don't know about you (5) Nominate 7 bloggers (6) Place a link to those bloggers (7) Leave a comment on their blogs letting them know of their awards 7 things that you may not know about me 1. i can down two pounds of strawberries in one sitting 2. my friends popped my appendix my freshman year of high school 3. one of my life goals is to see the northern lights in action 4. my favorite holiday movie is christmas eve on sesame street and i cry each time i watch it 5. my birthday usually falls on the first day of summer making it the longest day of the year... score! 6. i make rice in a hello kitty rice cooker 7. when my sister and i are in the same room, we clear our throats at the same time, in the same way, followed by us yelling "stop it!" in unison at each other and now the 7 blogs that i pass this award to 1. howie - 2. karen - 3. amy - 4. analise - 5. susan - 6. cathe - 7. leslie -


  1. Thank you for this award you are a sweetheart!

  2. yay! congrats! and those handmade teddy bears are freakin adorable!

  3. i have finally completed my post for this. thank you, again, yoyo!

    love, susan