Monday, March 22, 2010

bake it pretty!

bake it pretty held a contest to name their new dashing dot baking cups and the winner would receive a set of the new baking cups and a grab bag full of surprises.  i was shocked to find out that they chose my suggestion!  *^_^*  my name was "lah dee dot".  get it?  like "lah dee dah"?  i envisioned myself skipping through a field of beautiful cupcakes.  i got my prize in the mail last weekend and it was like receiving a box of joy.  i've ordered from bake it pretty in the past so i knew that i was getting great stuff but i really loved the surprise grab bag!

yay!  polka dot baking cups!  these look very '80s don't they?  my sister actually wore a dress that looked like that pink one in our cousin's wedding.

i couldn't believe how much fun stuff was crammed into this little bag.

love the bunny and the mushroom

yay, more baking cups!  i can't wait to experiment with the half sized one.

thanks again amanda!  and please go take a peek over at bake it pretty  :)  it'll be fun i promise!

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  1. cute!! and thanks for the reminder about the dress. =P