Friday, April 16, 2010

aaand we're back!

*whew*  so much has happened in the past month!  i started a new job  :)  it's temporary but it's been great so far and lucky me, it even fits in with my future career goals.  and a couple of days into my new job, i moved!  not a huge move... just a couple of blocks but getting settled in has been incredibly time consuming.  i don't want to jinx it but i adore my new apartment.  there are windows everywhere and so lots of fresh air and sunshine!  i haven't had fresh air and sunshine in over four years.  my first apartment in boston faced a brick wall and the second apartment was a garden unit.  so now my windows are constantly open and i wake up to the sun.  i feel more alive and healthier too!  with this all this excitement, i haven't crafted anything or baked in weeks.  i'm going through withdrawal!  thankfully, there's a three day weekend coming up.  i feel blueberry muffins, some scrapbooking, and postal art coming my way.

my new succulents like the sunshine too  :)

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