Tuesday, September 28, 2010

where are my keys?

i used to have a bad habit of leaving my keys in the door after letting myself in.  really bad when you live in an apartment in the city.  thankfully, my keys were never stolen and a nice neighbor usually knocked on my door to let me know that i had yet again left my keys in the door.  every night, i would freak out before bed wondering where my keys were, panicked that i had left them in the door again and that this time, they had been stolen.  to solve this problem, i made a simple key holder to hang by my door as a reminder to take my keys out of the door and so that i always know where they are.

super simple and in all, probably cost me less than $3 to make.  i got a small, plain, wooden plaque from michaels and a couple of cup hooks from home depot.  i used a few coats of acrylic paint on the plaque then used mod podge to affix a piece of patterned paper to the surface of the plaque.  after letting that dry, put another coat of mod podge over the whole thing and let dry.  mark where you would like your hooks to be and screw them into the plaque.  hang up your new key holder and admire your handiwork.