Monday, November 29, 2010


 hello? is someone there?

 aha! i thought i heard something rustling around my desk.

hi little minion!

i made this guy for miss j.a., hence the "j" on the minion's pocket. i worked off of wolfdreamer's pattern changing a little bit here and there. the hardest part was his mouth. i tried out a couple of different mouths cut from felt but nothing looked quite right. i eventually had to ditch the felt and went with a simple stitched smile. now, off my little minion, to do as miss j.a.'s bids!


  1. You are so clever--the minion is absolutely adorable!!

  2. thanks lisa! you should give it a try too :) he was so easy to make and he turns out cute no matter what!

  3. can u post the revisions you made on this ami!! i would love to make it as small as yours :)
    thank you!

  4. hi shmileysmiler! i wish i could share my revisions but i can't since i didn't write them down. sorry! an easy way to make it smaller though is to use a smaller hook. i probably used an E hook and made my stitches really tight. good luck!