Wednesday, March 16, 2011

busyness + a puddle photo

RT and i took a trip to chicago to do some wedding planning and to hang out with my family. i love seeing my family <3 that weekend kicked off hardcore wedding planning time. within a few days, we signed a contract and put down deposits for our venue and photographers. we met with our florist (love her!) and got a block of hotel rooms reserved for our guests. we got our officiant ordained and researched our county's marriage laws. we discussed videographers (eh still don't know what to do with that), sent out our save the dates, and got our wedding website up and running. after such a long delay, it's like months worth of wedding planning was done in a week.

while we were in chicago, we asked a friend of ours to take a few photos for us so we could have a nice photo to use on our save the dates. we had one hour to spare out of our crazy schedule so it was a rapid fire photoshoot that ended when it started to pour so hard that water was dripping down my face. RT and i are the most awkward people on earth but mr. p got some really sweet shots. he's a pharmacist by day but i think he should be a photographer by night ^_^ thanks mr. p!!

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