Monday, April 25, 2011

i was here

i stepped into blick to buy some posterboard and rubber cement and left with an awesome travel journal.

love the charming illustrations

and the ideas! i'm definitely going to start an international pad collection.

in the reference section, a guide to international dumplings. a definite must-know when traveling.

places to write what you ate

and people you meet. "what do you spread on toast?" never thought to ask anyone that.

i'm a terrible traveler. i don't take enough time to sit back and really experience a place. we're usually on a tight schedule so i'm too busy trying to get from major tourist site A to major tourist site B. i wish i could buy a case of these journals so i could have one for each trip that i take. it really encourages you to observe your surroundings and see all the interesting things that your eyes would normally pass over. in addition to all the fun stuff, there are pages to help organize your plans and itineraries. there's also lots of space to doodle, scribble, and jot down random thoughts and notes. if you take the time to work through its pages while you travel, you'll end up with a really wonderful souvenir.

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