Friday, June 3, 2011

yarn spring cleaning

every once in awhile, i go through my yarn stash and reorganize everything. it's a good way to track of what i'm running low on and pull out the yarns that i probably will never use.

oh my... kind of messy.

all cleaned up! loose ends are all tucked in and everything is sorted. i feel much better.

tiny yarn balls. the smallest is about an inch wide :) even tiny yarn balls can have big dreams.

happy weekend!


  1. Organized yarn = organized mind, right? :) How are you storing your stash? Bug-phobic, I was keeping mine in zip-up bags (for shoes?) from Ikea, but the zipper broke after getting snagged on yarn once too many times haha

  2. i keep my yarn in a plastic bin on wheels. not the smartest way to store it since i end up digging to find what i need. but it does keep the dust (and bugs!) out :)

  3. oh my gosh, i LOVE this post. can you come over and organize mine too? it's all in a big plastic bin with pieces sticking out all over. and i adore your comment about yarn balls and their little dreams, i have so many and secretly really enjoy making them :-)