Thursday, September 15, 2011

beautiful, last days of summer

RT and i are getting married in 10 days (10 DAYS!) so of course things have been super crazy around here. i'm crafting 24/7 in preparation for the wedding and i can't wait to share everything with you!! and i started a new job. whew... busy summer! but in the final, lingering days of summer, there have been some lovely days. life is truly beautiful :)

top to bottom: exploring new england; a visit to the boston harbor islands; our friends' sweet, floppy, warm, chubby-foot puppy; picking korean pears at evergreen farm; fresh dak dori tang made with organic chicken at evergreen farm... amazing!!; BBQ in NH smores? yes please; remembering 9/11 at the boston public garden.


  1. That dak dori tang looks delicious...I don't know too many people who can make it!

    And congrats on getting married soon, Youngmi...I'm very happy for you!

  2. thank you kathy! seriously, that dak dori tang was amazing. i make it but it's definitely not as good as theirs!