Monday, October 17, 2011

making our wedding cake topper

photo by mr. p

photo by our photographers, gina & tony

i was worried that making our own wedding cake toppers was going to be a stressful endeavor. i'm not really known for my drawing/painting skills! i even bought an extra set of dolls just in case. lucky for me, it was so much fun to make these and i'm very pleased with how they turned out.

note: my unfinished wooden dolls were purchased from goose grease. love their customer service :) they sell finished dolls and custom orders too if you're not up to painting your own!

in case anyone was curious, 47 is RT's lucky number and my life goal is to find platform nine and three quarters. or at least the leaky cauldron so that i can get into diagon alley.


  1. WOW Youngmi! I am so impressed...great job!

  2. thanks kathy! though it's nothing compared to what you do :)

  3. Oh my god, so cute, so talented. I wish when I have a wedding, I can make my own wedding topper. You are my idols now. Love it.

  4. thanks vivian! you don't need to have a wedding to make these. you can make your family and friends too!

  5. Your cake toppers turned out soooo cute :) You must have a very steady hand. I love all the little details you include. Thanks for sharing.