Tuesday, November 29, 2011

here, there, everywhere

i hope you all had a wonderful thanksgiving! we've been traveling a lot these past couple of months and i thought i'd share a few photos from our adventures :)

after our wedding in september, we headed straight to hawaii for our honeymoon. hawaii is so gorgeous and the food! oh the food is too good.

wild chickens roam around kauai and cockadoodledoo all day long. i thought they were hilarious.

queen's bath. the waters around hawaii are so unbelievably clear.

power hang gliding. that's me in the back seat! i thought i'd be terrified but it was so much fun that i'd love to do it again.

i miss shave ice

malasadas! i'm searching for a place in boston where i can get these.

after we got back from hawaii, we packed up again for a visit to san francisco. 

our first mongolian hot pot experience. i'm not sure what they put in their broth but it was phenomenal.

i only had a few must-do's on my list and miette was one of them. everything was too pretty. i highly recommend their mini scharffen berger chocolate cake. the taste and texture are divine.

we spent thanksgiving in DC with RT's sisters. it was a wonderfully lazy weekend that included RT's 29th birthday celebration.

the national archives. i loved it here. they had on display pa ingalls's de smet homestead file. if you grew up with little house on the prairie books i'm sure you understand how cool it was to see it!

library of congress

hello mr. president!

the national postal museum. how cute is this mailbox from the netherlands?

whew, that's a lot of traveling for someone who's a total homebody. i do love to see new places but sometimes home is my favorite place to be :)

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