Friday, April 6, 2012

away to taiwan

RT and i took a rather last minute trip to taiwan to spend some time with his family.

fo guang shan in khaoshiung

night market and the plague that is scooters in taiwan.

stinky tofu. a must try if you travel to taiwan.

good morning

din tai fung? xioa long bao?? yes please!!!

standard udon but i had to share a photo of my ridiculously cute fish cakes

private hot spring <3


calla lilies at miau-ban garden

lotus ferns. can't find these in the states :( really delicious, light and crisp

steam rising from cracks in the mountains at yangminshan. if you walk closer, you can see the yellow sulfur building up around the cracks.

new haircut :) 

 beef noodle/dumpling soup. possibly my all time favorite taiwanese food.

tsong yo bing (scallion pancake). i know this looks very "meh" but it was so delicious and completely unavailable in the states. it's not even widely available throughout taiwan! it's a new style of making scallion pancakes... i am in love!

bizarre dusty haze in tokyo... lots of turbulence as we flew into narita. by the time i got off the plane my knees were weak and i was all shaky! 

hm... there are an awful lot of food photos here. strange because i had no appetite the entire trip! my jet lag and all the bumpy bus rides we went on really took a toll on my ability to eat. i was only able to nibble on all of these delicious things. but now that i look at them... i'm getting really hungry...

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