Saturday, March 14, 2009

bridal shower

my sister's bridal shower was last weekend! she had fun and that was the only thing that really mattered to me so... SUCCESS! well and of course i'm glad that everyone else had fun too (hopefully) and that they went home with full happy tummies. we had some issues with mother nature... she decided that that afternoon would be a lovely time for a flash flood. miss c's mom's car got stuck in a puddle (actually closer to a pond) and had to get towed out! this puddle (pond) had a small whirlpool in it... bad news. luckily, other than that, everyone got there safe and sound!

my cousin is wonder woman. she baked the most incredible dessert spread and made the favors for the shower.

photos courtesy of my beloved cousin :)

isn't is beautiful?! we didn't get to cut into the bunny cake because no one had the heart to. well my cousin did but my sister wouldn't let her and took it home in hopes of discovering a method to permanently preserve it. the cookie cakes were the favors and everyone was stunned by how perfect they were (just like every other morsel of baked deliciousness!)

thanks everyone for coming out!
happy shower uhnee!!

*side note: i miss nice midwest people. when i was waiting for miss m to pull up her car so that i could hop in, a man saw me staring out in the rain and offered me his umbrella. so sweet and unheard of in the northeast!*

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