Wednesday, June 25, 2008


i spent a day making and re-making his limbs then attaching and re-attaching them to his little body. i'm really picky about limb placement. and some how, even if i pin everything into place and then sew them on, sometimes they all end up crooked! oh well. at least he turned out just as i had hoped :) for those of you that don't know what a kappa is, here's a little introduction: kappa are water imps in japanese folklore. as you can tell from our little friend above, they're kind of a human/duck/frog/turtle thingy. the little crown on his head surrounds a water filled dent from which they get their strength. they also have a deep sense of etiquette so a sure fire way to defeat one is to bow and he will bow back spilling the water from his head. kappa love to eat children (!!!!) and cucumbers. ever play harvest moon? toss a cucumber into the pond and a kappa will appear and give you a gift :)

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