Tuesday, June 10, 2008


holy heatwave! my favorite weather is about 60-70 degrees. once you hit 80, it's too hot for me... so 100 is simply madness! thankfully it's supposed to get cooler as the week goes on. poor waukegan... she must be so hot in her fur coat. lucky for her she's going through her yearly shed. but that leaves me to chase her around with a lint roller trying to catch it all before it flies all over the apartment.
"oh hi... can i come out now?" some shop news... pies and cakes! these two are in the shop. there are more on their way :)


  1. i love the bottom "crust" on your cake. what stitch is that?

  2. it's just 3-4 sc in each sc around. makes a nice ruffle huh? :)