Wednesday, January 7, 2009

happy new year!

hello! happy belated holidays and happy new year! the toki cafe has been on vacation in taiwan and loving it :) it's hard to come back to ice storms and work. after much thought, i've decided to take a little break from etsy. my beloved seester is getting married in april and i want to do as much as i can for her! the shop will stay open but i most likely won't be adding anything new until after the wedding. of course any special orders that have been placed already are still being worked on and will be finished on time. i might be able to take a special order here and there depending on the request. speaking of special orders... let me introduce you to links :) links is actually a bit of a cannibal... he enjoys bacon and sausage O_o


  1. I came across some of your stuff on and I think your work is awesome. You make the cutest things!