Wednesday, January 14, 2009

wedding boxes

for my sister and her fiance (eep!) are getting married in april and for christmas, i made them bride and groom boxes. i got the idea for a groom box a long time ago from a martha stewart magazine. and i've seen bride kits around but i thought i could do better :) my sister's wedding theme is black and pink with cherry blossoms. and her fiance... really REALLY likes argyle O_o first i painted the boxes black. then, the paper designs were glued on then i painted over them with a clear lacquer. the stripes on the argyle were the hardest part! well not hard really but i kept dropping the stripes on accident after applying the glue. then i'd freak out and i eventually had to paint over a few glue spots to hide them -_-;; my sister's box was a lot more packed than her fiance's... guys are so low maintenance! but i hope i thought of everything!

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