Saturday, May 2, 2009

off to the library

have you ever just fixated on an idea and gone crazy over it? i have libraries dancing through my head and i'm obsessed! but not like the libraries that we go to today... i'm dreaming of ones with dusty smelling card catalogs, and date due cards that get stamped and slipped back into the pocket on the book. i miss all this so much! i used to just randomly flip through the card catalog because i liked playing with the cards. and i wanted so badly to be a librarian so that i could scan books and use fancy self-inking stamps that make a fantastic "kachunk" sound when you use them.

awesome card catalog converted into a sewing/craft supply cabinet from bitsnbobbins. so... jealous... i live in a small, overflowing apartment but if i ever came across one of these, i would buy it on the spot.

library cards from schOOLLOcker

library card catalog cards from pantone334

does anyone else miss old school libraries? :)

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  1. i do too!!!! i went to the library the other day to borrow a book...and everything's so fancy now. with self-checkout and renewing online...i definitely miss using the card catalog, dewey decimal system, and the slip in cards where you can see who else has borrowed the book.