Thursday, May 28, 2009

stamp carving!

i've finally started stamp carving! after seeing all the amazing things that geninne does, i've been anxious to try it out myself. and her tutorial was an incredible resource. luckily, all the supplies that i needed were available at the blick's a few blocks away. i decided to start out small and simple with a leaf. hm... not bad but it's definitely going to take a lot more practice. i didn't like my first attempt at all but i was able to shave off what i had carved and start over thus avoiding having to throw away the whole piece. it's so satisfying cutting into the rubber. and it's a pretty compact and affordable hobby :) it's also encouraged me to doodle a lot more. i keep a large box of crayons on my desk at work and when i need a break, i open up my planner and doodle away. i'm hoping to turn some of those doodles into stamps. once i get the hang of things, i'm hoping to make an original stamp that i can use to start letterboxing!

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