Friday, June 12, 2009

snail mail

i need to write more letters. i used to have pen pals that i would meet at summer church retreats and we would write letters to each other filled with stickers and random bits of news from our week. sending a letter, written on my best stationary of course, was so exciting but even more exciting was to get a letter in return. who doesn't love getting mail?? especially if it's a nice note written from a friend or even better, a package! (let's ignore bills for now although those can be fun also. i'll explain the reason another day) email, cell phones, blogs, facebook etc, makes it easy and fast to keep in touch with our friends and family. but has the old fashioned letter become obsolete? i'm worried that the art of letter writing will be lost. will kids ten years from now know the excitement of opening a letter? or maybe that same sort of excitement comes from getting and email also... but personally, nothing beats a real, postman delivered letter. i'm a huge fan of paper and tangible things and emails just don't feel as special. i've pretty much saved every single note and letter that's been written to me since i was born (much to the dismay of my mom who doesn't know what to do with all the boxes of stuff that lingers long after i moved to another state) and going through them brings back so many memories and helps me to remember things that i had forgotten. I like sending thank you notes, i always send postcards but i admit, i rarely write letters. i think i'll start up again. if you get a random letter from me, telling you things that you probably already know from my facebook or emails, don't be too confused :)

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