Monday, June 22, 2009

turning 26

i was not looking forward to turning 26. i didn't like how 26 sounded... i'd rather stay 25. but my 26 birthday was actually quite lovely. miss e and miss j treated me to a mani/pedi, i stuffed myself with some joy yee's (if you're ever in chicago you HAVE to go to joy yee's to get a strawberry peach freeze and some beef cube and tomato fried rice), went to the harry potter exhibit (so cool!), and laughed with my fam and friends til i felt sick. due to the nightmare that is flying, i spent more time at the airport this weekend than with my fam and friends but those few hours were totally worth the trip. i love you guys muchos <3


  1. i'm glad your bday turned out well :) your pics look cute! miss you <3

  2. How cute your page is and soon I'm going to have to buy something from your etsy store. The Dango is so cute cause I watch the Anime Clannad and she's obsessed with the Dango Family and so am I now.

    Must get!

    And your blog is so cute!You have skills girlie lol. But don't fret about being 26 cause you're still young and beautiful!

    Desma Rae

  3. Happy Birthday young one! There's still so much life out there. Glad you had a great celebration. Thanks for stopping by my blog.

  4. Happy belated birthday!

    THAT is one sweet photo.

  5. thanks for all the nice birthday wishes! ^_^