Thursday, July 23, 2009

fabric art

i have this wall in my apartment and it's above the couch so it's kind of a focal point for the room. right now, there's a collage of different frames holding pictures of my beloved family and friends. it makes me happy to see their faces but the frames are ALWAYS crooked! a friend of mine finally figured out that it's because that wall connects to the entryway hall for our building and every time someone opens and closes the door, the wall shakes a little. i would take a picture of it but it's just too embarrassing. i used to obsessively straighten them but lately i've given up. i was thinking of replacing them with three large square frames with some pretty paper in them. it's much easier to straighten three frames rather than 12 or so. but then i saw this from more ways to waste time over at apartment therapy via florspace's twitter (that's a long chain of links... the internet is crazy)

photo from more ways to waste time
i'm especially loving the one second from the left.

photo from more ways to waste time

you stretch some pretty fabric over a canvas, staple, staple, and voila! urban outfitters usually carries something similar but i like the idea of something more unique (and handmade of course) i've been wanting to try my hand at making my own but i keep putting it off. maybe this will be the push that i need to get those darn crooked frames off my wall.

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  1. I love this idea...can't wait to give it a try after I find some fun fabric.