Monday, July 27, 2009


i love all the wonderful things you can find on flickr. it's incredible how much someone can say with just a few well chosen photos. i've met some fun people through flickr and WooWork is amazing. i have little/zero imagination and his stuff blows me away! i mean, to have such fun things running around in your head and to be able to create them must be a blast. his flickr shows off his art, ami creations, and photography and he even shows you the "behind the scenes" stuff. you know when you encounter something that makes you laugh and it sticks in your head so that when you're just walking down the street or waiting for the train it pops up in your mind and then you stand there smiling like a creepo?
sherman the shark squire the squirrel
does it make me crazy that when i look at these pictures i narrate for them in my head? you have to check out his rayguns and he makes the best facial expressions ever. i can't wait to see the chicken that goes "pop."

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  1. I agree very cool! :) come and look at my new blog:)