Wednesday, February 3, 2010


there are some beautiful e-magazines popping up on the internet these days.  the content is top notch but i wish these were available in print!  though i'm fascinated by all the information on the internet, it's really hard for me to focus on computer screens.  i love paper.  i love the feel of it, i love collecting it, i love that it's permanent and ephemeral at the same time.  i understand the advantages of an online magazine but i also like curling up with a magazine on a couch and they're my entertainment of choice on a flight.  after a day of staring at my computer screen, it's nice to spend some time away from it.  but these e-magazines are so good that i'm drawn in like a mosquito to one of those blue zapper things.

 lonny - i think it stands for "london/ny"  it started right when the design magazine domino closed its doors.  this magazine makes me want to rent ten apartments and decorate them over and over again.


utterly engaged - i think this was the first wedding e-magazine to come out.  i love their articles!  lots of DIY, eco-friendly tips, and real weddings.  their current issue features beautiful photographs that highlight "moments we live for, and moment we can all cherish."  i think this one is my fav  :)


nonpareil - hot off the press!  i've been waiting anxiously for this DIY wedding magazine to release their first issue.  with contributors like erin vale and twig&thistle, you know it's going to be fantastic!
*edit - i forgot to mention that nonpareil is the brainchild of maddy from the inspired bride and kristen paper crave!  seriously, it's an all star cast.

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