Saturday, February 20, 2010

the journal project

every once in awhile (especially during winter months) i start to feel that all the days are the same.  nothing interesting happens and they all blur together into one giant lethargic blob.  so i started a journal project.  i was inspired by my friend jbsarmie who lives in japan.  he started a facebook album where he takes a photo a day of something interesting.  in this way, he documents his life in japan and shares his day with his friends and fam back in the states.  i loved the idea and thought it would be a perfect project for the winter.  i decided not to limit myself to photos but thought that it would be a great way to gather fun scraps of paper and other random bits.  my goal is to find something beautiful and meaningful in each day.  it has spelling errors, cross outs, and some strangely proportioned doodles that are supposed to be of me but that's okay because it's supposed to be imperfect.  there are no rules (thank goodness because sometimes i forget to write in it for a day or two) and i want it to be as natural and organic and possible.  won't you join me and start your own journal project?  :)



  1. lol..."i'm the best dancer in the US!"

  2. hehe :)

    "this is the best club in the us!"