Thursday, February 24, 2011

the one inch photo project

i have a lot of extra photos lying around that never made into a scrapbook. i don't like wasting things so i started a one inch photo project.

start with a pile of photos. look for interesting color combinations, textures, details, and other things that make you happy. get a good variety!

use a one inch square punch to cut out a section of the photo.

find a frame for your photos. i like ribba frames from ikea. this one is 9x11.

lay out your one inch photos and play with the rows and columns until you like your arrangement. i tried to make sure that all the colors, themes, and textures were distributed evenly throughout. i think it would look neat arranged by color too. cut a piece of cardstock for your background (i used white) and adhere it to the mat.

now here comes the hard part... line up your tiny photos as neatly as possible and adhere them to your cardstock background. i used a roll-on tape adhesive. if your corners curl up, just use a glue pen to make everything nice and flat. it takes some time to get everything even with perfect margins all around but you'll eventually get there. for future projects, i may try drawing a grid to help with placement but i need to figure out a way to draw an invisible grid that won't show on the final product.

here's the finished product. it was fascinating to see how much detail can be found in just one square inch and it helps you to see your photos in a different way. for each little photo, i can tell you where i was and what i was doing. all are from happy memories :)


  1. Hi, just passing by and I found your'e blog. That is such a great idea! I have loads of photos like that which I can't bear to get rid of but really have no reason to keep. Thanks for a lovely idea :)

  2. thanks for stopping by! i would love to see how your one inch photo collage turns out ^_^

  3. what a great idea! i might do that with my digital photos!

  4. i turned this into a game to figure out if i could recognize each of the pictures and where you were/what memory it was from...

    i got as far as picking out uiuc, payal's wedding/engagement, and several of your vacays...