Thursday, May 19, 2011

first time making a quilt

mrs p and i have been friends since the first grade and we went to grade school, jr.high, high school, AND college together so it's pretty crazy to think that soon she'll have a little baby girl! as a baby shower gift, i wanted to get her something unique and special that hopefully, they'll treasure for a long time. so i decided to try my hand at patchwork quilting. i'm a pretty terrible sewer so i'm still debating whether this was an awesome or terrible idea. please forgive me for the awful photos. i took them as i worked at all hours of the day and the sun hasn't shone in boston since the beginning of time.

basic supplies. i invested in a rotary cutter and quilting ruler for this project... best purchase ever.

neat little squares waiting to be sewn. 

everyone says that you MUST iron as you work and i found that it really does make everything clean and tidy.

ready to be made into a solid piece

finished! it turned out smaller than i had anticipated... i swear the more i worked on it, the smaller it became. then i just ran out of fabric and time so all i could do was scratch my head and ponder why sewing doesn't follow normal laws of space and matter. and i didn't take any photos of how i did the edging because i had such a hard time with it. i kept having to pin, repin, sew, rip seams, and resew the layers to the bias tape. i definitely went into crazy mode for a couple of days. but it's on there and hopefully it will stay put.

congratulations mrs p! i can't wait to meet baby girl k and seriously, don't look too closely at the stitching. i hope you and baby girl k enjoy it :)

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  1. yay!! i feel so special to have made it to your blog :) thank you SO much for the beautiful and thoughtful gift. We love it as will our little baby girl!