Thursday, May 5, 2011

world's smallest post service

lea redmond runs the world's smallest post service. she creates and sends packages and letters so teeny that they come with magnifying glasses so that you can read its message.

photos via ali loves curtis
side note: where does one go to get a tiny roll top desk??

chronicle and lea redmond have teamed up to create the world's smallest post service kit so you can run your own miniscule post service.  it includes everything you need to get started including envelopes, twine, postage, and gift boxes, all impossibly tiny.

in addition to running this miniature post service, lea has creates interesting things such as recipe dice and a matchbox theatre. she also has several other projects that can encourage people to be more thoughtful of the world around them or to just do something that will make another person smile. visit leafcutter designs to see them all :)

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