Tuesday, July 26, 2011

learning embroidery

mollie johanson from wild olive has a great, easy to follow tutorial on embroidery basics. this little cupcake was made from one of her many free patterns. i was surprised at how easy it was to pick up and how relaxing it is. until my thread knots. then i go into crazy mode. 

*hm... the colors look faded when i upload them to blogger. it's happened before. sigh... i guess i should look into that.


  1. It looks great!

    When my thread knots up, I start talking to myself. Seriously. But one thing that will help reduce the amount of knotting is Thread Heaven. (Google it and you'll find it.) Also, using shorter lengths of floss (about 18" or so).

    Keep stitching!

  2. Your cupcake looks fabulous!! Mollie's patterns are my absolute favorites :)

  3. mollie - thanks for the tip! i just googled thread heaven and it looks really interesting :)

    lisa - thank you! i do love all of mollie's patterns! i'm having trouble deciding which to try out next.