Friday, August 12, 2011

30 day photo challenge

i found this via wild olive and i loved the idea so much that i wanted to share it :) sherry over at oh so lovely created this fun little photo challenge that i thought would be a perfect project for me and my instanx mini. i love that they capture little everyday things and encourage a bit of creativity too. i started a bit late so i'm behind but here are a few of my photos so far.

since starting this project, i've noticed that my instax mini is a bit off. what i see through the viewfinder is not what i get in the photo (thus some of my photos have to be taken with my trusty canon powershot). it's extremely frustrating since they're essentially a dollar per photo. i'm also frustrated that i can get a lovely photo on my camera, but the color dulls when i import it into my computer, and then drains some more when i upload it to blogger! there has to be a setting somewhere that can fix that...

happy weekend!

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